about kumiko

Hello and welcome to Kumiko Beauty and Skin Care.

I am Jenny Davidson; the founder and owner of Kumiko. I had the belief that every individual can feel confident in their own skin and with that belief Kumiko was launched in 2007. It was a huge and exciting venture for me, however, I knew with my background as a trained nurse, 20 years’ experience in beauty therapy, combined with a caring and honest approach I could establish a professional, unique skin care and beauty centre.

I concentrate on delivering specialist skin care using the Dermalogica range of products. This, combined with electrical modalities and with my expertise in the use of advanced electrolysis/cosmetic procedures to remove skin blemishes, I can help my clients improve and maintain the quality and appearance of their skin health to give them that special inner glow and confidence that comes with knowing they look good.

In addition, Kumiko provide a full range of beauty services, i.e. waxing, electrolysis hair removal, nail care, massage, eye treatments, make-up and body bronzing all to suit your personal needs; I won’t offer you any miracle cures, however, I will ensure I have the best options available to you to give you optimal results whatever your particular problem/concern may be.

Your treatment will be personalised to you and in a relaxed environment with an informative first session where you will have the opportunity to ask me questions, we can together agree a treatment plan for your particular needs and budget.

At Kumiko, I strive to make every client happy and to enjoy the results from their treatments.

I hope to see you soon and that you will sense a feeling of ‘eternal beautyʼ as the definition of the Japanese ʻKumikoʼ suggests.